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As a dealer of Legend Seeds, we are able to provide a wide variety of agricultural seed.


  In addition to Legend and JSC brand seed, we also distribute Mustang, Stine, Power Plus and Impact hybrids to offer a full line up of corn seed to meet the needs of your farm. We offer silage, dual purpose, and grain hybrids.

  For more Corn Seed information, click the links below:

Grain and Dual Purpose Hybrids 

Silage Hybrids



  We carry Legend, Mustang, and Impact brand Soybeans. We offer a wide variety of herbicide tolerance options with XtendFlex, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend, Liberty Link GT27, and Enlist E3, as well as conventional and high protein conventional beans.

  For more Soybean Seed information, click the link below:


Impact Brand Soybeans


  Select from our Legend brand alfalfa including HarvXtra and Roundup Ready options.

  For more Alfalfa Seed information, click the link below:


Additional Seed Options

  Click for additional information on:

  Canola - TruFlex brand with Roundup Ready technology

  Sunflowers - Nuseed brand confection, conoil, and oilseed

  Sorghum - Legend Seed grain, forage, and sorghum-sudangrass

  Oats and Wheat - Forage First Brand

  Cover Crops, Grasses, and Forage Mixes - Forage First Brand

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