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About Guardian Crop Solutions

What is Custom Seed Planning?

It is a process in which your seed dealer gets to know your farm and your goals. Only after understanding these things will the dealer begin to help you navigate through the various products available to help you find the best fit for your specific fields for the best price.

What is the process?

We use a structured approach to identify the seed qualities you are looking for, and just as importantly, what qualities you are not looking for. We look for specific details about your fields such as soil type, disease and pest pressure, irrigation, crop rotation, and resistance patterns just to name a few. This allows us to suggest the right seed at the right price to get your season off to a great start. Have a multi-year plan? We can help find the seed that fits in each step. We
 work with you through out the growing season to see what is working and what is not, to begin ear marking next year's seed needs. 

Bottom Line

We are not just looking to make a big sale, we are striving to help you meet your goals to keep you coming back year after year. 

More about Guardian Crop Solutions and Legend Seeds

Guardian Crop Solutions is a locally owned dealer of Legend Seeds products in central Minnesota. Guardian Crop Solutions and Legend Seeds are committed to ensuring the success of growers by delivering convenience, profitability, and value all under one roof. Legend Seeds is one of the largest employee-owned, independent seed companies in the upper Midwest. Legend Seeds sources industry-leading traits, genetics, and innovative technologies to meet our customer’s needs. Legend Seeds offers a wide variety of choices and brands available through Guardian Crop Solutions.
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