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  Being the latest chapter in crop technology, biologicals can be the key to unlocking the true yield potential from your crops. These select microbes and nutrients include bacteria, fungus, and other single-cell organisms. They work with your plants in a variety of ways such as making key nutrients readily available, enhance plant growth regulators and hormones, and helping to deal with plant stresses. Guardian Crop Solutions is committed to bringing you the latest in biologicals technology with multiple options from general purpose to crop specific products.


Crop Specific Products



  QuickRoots, Ionfx



Small Grains

  Ionfx, Crownfx


  Alpha Joule


Silage and Haylage

  Silo Maxx, Silo Maxx WS

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Envita = Nitrogen

Envita is a nitrogen fixing solution that fundamentally changes the nitrogen equation on your farm. Envita is fundamentally for in-furrow use, though it has recently been approved for foliar application as well. Envita colonizes and lives in above and below ground tissues to enable nitrogen fixation throughout the plant.

Air is 78% nitrogen and Envita bacteria naturally metabolizes nitrogen directly from the air, allowing you to reduce your nitrogen fertility program and hit your yield goals OR maintain your nitrogen fertility program and shoot for higher yields.

Small Plant

Nutriquire = P and K

Nutriquire is a microbial-based product that increases the active biomass in the soil and introduces microbes into the soil resulting in improved plant vigor and nutrient cycling.

Enhances fertilizer by increasing plant nutrient uptake and improves availability of phosphorus and potassium. It aids in unlocking nutrient tie up caused by high or low pH soils.


Nutriquire can be applied through overhead, aerial irrigation or by sprayer tank mixing with starter fertilizer or certain fungicides, insecticides or herbicides including 2,4-D and glyphosate.


TS201 + Terrasym 450 + Dust combines the powerful technology of Terrasym 450 for corn with a novel mode of action for insect biocontrol at the planter box.

  • Triggers the plant’s Induced Systemic Resistance (IRS) leading to increased insect protection

  • Season long bio-control protection

  • TS201 is an EPA registered biological insecticide

  • Can be combined with other traits, chemistries, and seed treatments

  • Stimulates aggressive root regrowth at site of insect damage

  • Improves nutrient use efficiency

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