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At Guardian Crop Solutions, we provide a wide variety of seed from corn to soybeans, oats to alfalfa, pasture mix to cover crops, and so much more. We don't just sell seed, we partner with farmers to work throughout the growing season to evaluate crop performance and build the next year's plan as part of a continuous improvement process.

We pride ourselves on precision and transparency. Meaning, what you order is what shows up on your farm. No surprises.

Seed is the foundation for your entire growing season. Choosing the right seed, seed treatments, and biologicals can lead to better yields, better weed control, and disease resistance amongst many other benefits for your entire operation. There are many seed options and since each farm is different and each field on your farm is different, help selecting the right seed is the key to setting yourself up for potentially big yields or abundant high quality livestock feed.


As a dealer of Legend Seeds, Guardian Crop Solutions will work with you to understand the purpose of your crops and the needs of each field to help build a rock solid foundation to optimize seed performance on your specific farm.

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